An Artisan Sausage Company

Since 2016

A Four-Generation Tradition

Ski’s Sausage Company began as a result of Dan being a 4th generation sausage maker. Dan learned his sausage making skills from spending time in his Grandparents kitchen using the old red Hobart grinder that had been in the family for many decades. It was a time for learning skills on how to make Kielbasa and more importantly, to share it with Family and Friends. But that was only the beginning

100% Fresh Daily

From our Kitchen to Yours

Today, Ski’s Sausage features over twenty five varieties of artisan fresh sausages, and there is no limit to what we can create!

Flavor At Its Finest

Dan started experimenting with different recipes as his “taste testers” pushed him to create more sausage varieties. Ski’s Sausage features over twenty five varieties of artisan fresh sausages. Some customer favorites are Linguica, Nashville Hot Chicken, Breakfast Sausage, Cheddar Brat, and Italian. The sausages are made fresh and weekly by Dan and with the help of his sister Kimberly. There is no limit to what he can create as he is redefining artisan sausages!


From Polish Kielbasa, hot Italian or, Bratwurst. Our Bulk and links are made with high quality beef and pork products


Ski’s produces a variety of hot and mild flavored chicken sausages.

At Ski’s Sausage, we insist on quality. We only use fresh, superior ingredients. None of our products contain any MSG.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

At Ski’s Sausage we formulate our own recipes, and are proud of this. It is truly a hand-made operation. We make the sausages in small batches ensuring BIG Flavors! This keeps us striving to make the best quality artisan sausages.