About Us

Handmade Locally, in Metro Detroit

Since 2016

Our Story

Ski’s Sausage Company began as a result of Dan being a 4th generation sausage maker. Dan learned his sausage making skills from spending time in his Grandparents kitchen using the old red Hobart grinder that had been in the family for many decades. It was a time for learning skills on how to make Kielbasa and more importantly, to share it with Family and Friends. But that was only the beginning.

In 2010, Dan’s father passed away after battling cancer. Later that year, Dan’s younger brother David suggested that they get back to making Kielbasa. Over the next few years Dan experimented with dozens of recipes to expand his love of sausage making.

Skis’s sausage was incorporated in 2016. It took Dan several years to find a commercial kitchen where he could make the sausage and sell it to the public. The company name “Ski’s Sausage Company” is an ode to his father who worked at Ford Motor Company for 40 years. His nickname at work was “Ski” (short for the last name Evanski) and Dan knew that naming his sausage company after his father was a meaningful memento.

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Process

Dan started experimenting with different recipes as his “taste testers” pushed him to create more sausage varieties. Ski’s Sausage features over twenty five varieties of artisan fresh sausages. Some customer favorites are Linguica, Nashville Hot Chicken, Breakfast Sausage, Cheddar Brat, and Italian. The sausages are made fresh and weekly by Dan and with the help of his sister Kimberly. There is no limit to what he can create as he is redefining artisan sausages!


“Five Stars!”

Ski’s Sausage is the best! My family has tried all the products and even the picky kids love them all! Great flavor and always fresh! The holiday Kielbasa is my favorite.

— Kristine Hunt

High Quality, with excellent flavors!  Stay away from the Jalapeno Cheddar brats, those are ALL mine!!

–Bill T

Ski’s Sausage is amazing!  We try to keep a couple of packages of brats in our freezer but its hard.  As soon as the kids see it in there they ask if they can have it for lunch or dinner.  We’ve tried tons of flavors and haven’t had a bad one.  You can’t go wrong with the cheddar brats or jalapeno cheddar brats, those are my personal favorite. 

–Bryan B

Ski’s Sausage has spoiled me!  I will never be able to go back to the store bought sausage or kielbasa!  My favorite is the Garlic Chicken Feta, but I have tried pretty much all of the flavors and have yet to find one I don’t like!

— Heather S